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Tree Trimming in Sevenoaks & Tunbridge Wells

Looking the part is something that’s as important for trees as it is for humans.

In fact, you could say that tree trimming is the equivalent of going to the hairdressers for a good old tidy up.

The reality is that trees grow, but not necessarily in an orderly fashion! Which is why they require a certain amount of TLC on a reasonably regular basis – especially now, with springtime and warmer weather just around the corner.

Tree TrimmingTrimming is a practical and cost effective way to ensure a tree retains its shape and aesthetic appearance. But, there is technique and method to this, to ensure the tree isn’t left misshapen or damaged during the process.  The amount of trimming needs to be carefully managed.  A short back and sides may not be the answer!

From a safety perspective, it’s important to check to see if your trees have any dead, decaying or broken branches, which could become a danger, for instance if they are overhanging a road or causing an obstruction. Another consideration is if branches are growing too close to power lines – in which case some immediate trimming would be advised.

At the same time, if large parts of the tree are looking diseased, then some judicious trimming can often revitalise and prolong life. Over the years, we’ve lost count of the number of trees that we’ve been called to trim, which have looked on their last legs, but which have responded magnificently to some careful attention.

Even if your trees aren’t showing any undue stress, but are simply looking a little untidy and “hairy”, for instance where branches are rubbing together and are cramped for room, this is where some trimming work can make all the difference – to improve airflow and appearance.

So if you have trees on tour property that are looking distinctly hippy-like in appearance and are clearly overdue a re-style, The Original Tree Surgeons are here to provide the perfect cut.

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